March 15, 2009

So true…

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As I continue to set up my one man show, this post has come to my attention…

And with such entertaining articles to consume, it is ever a challenge to make time for the creation of content…

Over and out,

November 4, 2008

Blue Tide

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It is now an Obamanation – with Barack Obama the new President Elect and democrat gains in both houses of Congress, the next four years will see what this changing of the guard really changes for the country… but what does it change for you?

Everything… and nothing.

That is the message of this, my first blog entry for; that the decisions made this night by the electoral college will have far reaching consequences for the world, and at the same time, all that anyone can do is chart their own course – change their own life.

Only YOU choose whether YOU are merely created by your circumstances, or whether you create your circumstances, whether you are a victim or victor.

You have a choice… but only if you choose to choose.