1. Does VV offer personal coaching?

No, not at this time.

2. How long has iNeed.to been online?

Since March 2008.

3. I want to send you a book, recording, or other product for evaluation. Where should I send it?

Please use the e-mail address below to request a review.

Please include:

(1) Type and subject of product to be reviewed.

(2) Your deadline.

(3) Your contact information.

If VV is interested, he will reply with an address to send your product to. Note that this does not guarantee a review, and in any case your product will not be returned.

4. May I link to iNeed.to or the sub-sites from my blog/website?

Absolutely. Links are always appreciated.
5. Can I republish or translate content from iNeed.to or the sub-sites in my own website/book/newsletter, etc?

For use in any online republishing or translation, no. You are free to link to the original articles on iNeed.to. If you simply want to share one of iNeed.to’s articles with the readers of your own website, standard “fair use” practice is to quote a paragraph or two from the article and provide a link to the original source. Republishing a substantial amount of material is not permitted, even if you credit the author.

For any offline reprinting or translation, send your request to the e-mail address below.

Please include:

(1) Which specific article(s) you would like to republish.

(2) Where and how you would like to republish them.

Please be aware that all content on this site is copyrighted. When content from this site is republished without permission, to protect our copyright we have to respond by sending a DMCA notice to the website’s hosting company, as well as following up to ensure the stolen content is removed. We may also notify the website’s income providers. Third-party ad networks such as Google Adsense will typically terminate accounts and seize funds from such a site, since posting other people’s copyrighted material is a violation of their Terms of Service.

6. May I request an interview with VV?

Please use the e-mail address below to submit your request. Please include:

(1) Topics you would want to cover in the interview.

(2) Type of media (magazine, radio, website, etc.).

(3) Where it will be published.

(4) An estimate of the media’s audience size.

(5) Your deadline.

(6) Your contact information.

All iNeed.to related inquiries should be directed to: support(at)ineed.to


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